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Virginia Support Services is a State Licensed Mental Health Skill-Building Service program that provides behavioral and mental health training and support services to individuals with mental, behavioral, or emotional impairments in major life activities by supporting an individual’s level of functioning and promoting his/her autonomy. The program offers supportive services to individuals and families in their homes and communities. Clinicians assist with training the individual to understand and cope with the challenges of having a mental, behavioral, or emotional disability. Virginia Support Services, P.C. is committed to providing unconditional support to individuals through flexible, timely, and non-intrusive services. Individuals are supported until they no longer need or desire services. Services are built around the individual’s preferences, choices, values, strengths, and the natural support system of the family and community.

Core Principles:

  • Individuals (18 and up) with a mental health problem that results in functional impairments in major life activities.

  • Individuals that require individualized training in acquiring basic living skills.

  • Individuals with a mental health diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder- recurrent, Bipolar Disorder, schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder. If the individual does not have one of those diagnosis, documentation from the individual’s Doctor stating the individual needs the service is required.

  • Individual has a prior history of higher level psychiatric care such has hospitalization, residential treatment or Crisis Services.

  • Individual has been prescribed an anti-depressant, mood stabilizer or anti-psychotic medication within the previous 12 months.

  • If under the age of 21 the individual is in or transitioning to an independent living situation within the next 6 months.

Mental Health Peer Support Services for adults are person centered, strength-based, and recovery oriented rehabilitative service for members 21 years or older provided by a PRS successful in the recovery process with lived experience with mental health, substance use disorders, or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders who is trained to offer support and assistance in helping others in recovery to reduce the disabling effects of a mental health or substance use disorder or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder that is the focus of support. Services assist the member develop and maintain a path to recovery, resiliency, and wellness. Specific peer support service activities shall emphasize the acquisition, development, and enhancement of recovery, resiliency, and wellness. Services are designed to promote empowerment, self-determination, understanding, and coping skills through mentoring and service coordination supports, as well as to assist members in achieving positive coping mechanisms for the stressors and barriers encountered when recovering from their illness or disorder.

VSS | Virginia Support Services | adult mental health skill-building service


Assist with acquiring skills necessary to obtain and/or maintain secure housing

Assisting with activities of daily living

Addressing interpersonal issues

Assisting with medication management

Managing finances

Developing self-help skills

Coordination of medical or psychiatric appointments | adult mental health

Coordination of medical or psychiatric appointments

Increasing appropriate social skills | adult mental health

Increasing appropriate social skills

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